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Most of my linocut prints feature animals and natural landscapes. I'm particularly drawn to prints of caves, which are very thematically satisfying since the process of carving out linoleum echoes the slow carving by which caves are formed.


Digital Illustration

I've loved creating digital art in Photoshop and Illustrator since I was 12 years old, drawing sci fi illustrations for my DeviantArt account. These days my work focuses less on robots, but my love for the medium hasn't changed.


Here's an example of some recent professional work: a series of illustrations to highlight the results of ENERGIA's report on international goals for sustainable energy, and how they're influenced by gender inequality.

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Drawing and Painting

I've been keeping art journals for more than 15 years, and usually work with pen and watercolor. I also experiment with narrative forms of illustration, such as drawing and painting short comics.

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