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Murder Mysteries

The Deadly Diner - Beatniks.JPG

I've been hosting immersive events in unique and historic locations since 2016. You can read more about past events I've hosted by visiting my murder mystery website.


Each murder mystery is grounded in actual events, and I write the plot and characters with the history of the space in mind. I've written and hosted a 1939 New York World's Fair murder mystery in Brooklyn's City Reliquary Museum, a Yugoslavian radio censorship murder mystery in an old Belgrade radio broadcasting station, and more.


Much like the old parlor game "Exquisite Corpse" in which players take turns drawing different sections of creature, the events are collaborative, with no divide between audience and performers.

I teach courses with Atlas Obscura on how to write your own murder mysteries. As the New York Times said: "Create a murder-mystery party with the sage counsel of Abi Inman, a designer and writer who specializes in creating the events. Ms. Inman explains how to balance different personalities and identify what makes a good character." You can find out more or sign up here.

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