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Illustration and Animation

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ENERGIA’s Gender and Energy Research Programme

The ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy is a civil society organization working to make sustainable energy for all with a focus on women economic empowerment and gender equality. ENERGIA’s Gender and Energy Research programme explored the links between gender, energy and poverty through empirical research, with the objective to translate this evidence into recommendations for energy policy and practice.

I worked on a series of illustrations and an animated video to highlight the results of their final report.

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Ecatepec Mexicable

The Mexicable is a three-mile, seven-stop cable car line that connects three poor hillside neighborhoods in Ecatepec, the largest and most dangerous municipality in greater Mexico City. I created a six-frame narrative comic about the cable car using a collage of illustration, video, and photography, for publishing on Instagram and the NUMTOTS Facebook group.

Personal Work

From flowering brains to quarantined fish to flaming cop cars, much more of my personal illustration and animation work can be seen on my Instagram.

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