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Mundane Madness

A case study


Mundane Madness was Atlas Obscura’s answer to March Madness, a bracket for the world’s most quietly amazing gadgets. I coordinated promotion of the bracket across channels, customizing the content for each social platform and engaging our followers as active participants in determining both the original contenders and the final winner. The campaign brought in hundreds of submissions, 12,000 votes, 27,000 clicks through to the site, and reached more than 750,000 people.

We started by surveying the Atlas Obscura audience on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions on what items should be in the running. People had opinions.

Once the contenders were chosen, we took to social again to encourage users to fill out brackets, promote friendly rivalry, and collect votes.

In the end, we crowned a winner: the sewer.

  • More than 500 suggestions were sent in for the original pool of inventions

  • Over 12,000 votes were submitted to decide the final winner. 

  • The campaign reached around 750,000 people, and earned more than a million impressions. Many of these users were interacting with not just us, but each other, encouraging a strong sense of community and generating investment in the outcome of the bracket.

  • Despite many parts of the campaign focusing on in-platform engagement, it brought more than 27,000 clicks through to the site.

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