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The Other Stuff


The Mexicable is a three-mile, seven-stop cable car line that connects three poor hillside neighborhoods in Ecatepec, the largest and most dangerous municipality in greater Mexico City.


I created a six-frame narrative comic about the cable car using photos and videos I took, along with animated portions created in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. It was published on the NUMTOTS Facebook group and my own Instagram.


Float Free

This was a 9-panel animated comic created for "Rescue Party", a series of hopeful, forward-looking pieces that imagine a post-pandemic future. The series was curated by Desert Island, an experimental comic store in Brooklyn, in April of 2020.

This is the conglomerate piece, but you can see each panel individually on my Instagram post.


Atlas Squished

An experiment in iPhone photo album animating. Each frame was hand drawn using a light box. I then photographed them with my phone, and uploaded them to one album, where I "animated" them by scrolling back and forth. Full screen recording here.

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